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Being one of the oldest forms of treatments, the massage has a beneficial influence to a general psycho-physical condition and enhancement of human capabilities:
-the body is being faster regenerated and noxious substances are easier extracted from the organism
-circulation is improved, so the skin is accepting the oxygen and nutritious ingredients more easier
-it calms and reduces muscular ache, stiffness and swollen joints
-it has anti-stress and relaxing impact to the organism


Hot Chocolate                                      70'     370kn

the luxurious warm chocolate massage feeds and renews the skin intensively, slows down the aging process and has an excellent influence on the skin tension .
Honey Glow                                          70'     400kn
the mixture of honey, balm and the Dead Sea salt has the most stimulating effect, relaxes muscles and induces blood circulation.
Hot Stone                                              60'     380kn
ancient massage with warm volcanic stones – basalt – it has therapeutic effect, relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation
Horizont DeLuxe                                 60'      480kn
the royal four-hands massage – synchronized massage of two masseurs relax every muscle of your body.
Aromatherapy                                    60' – 390kn
a massage with various aromatic oils mixed accordingly to clients specific needs whose magic smell effect all your senses
Classical massage                            30' 210kn , 50' 290kn
with well known, systematic moves of a massage the body is being purified from noxious substances, the blood stream in veins and lymphatic system is being enhanced.
Sport massage                                   45' – 320kn
enables faster and overall extraction of all undesirable or damaging consequences caused by intense physical sports activities .
Dalmatia                                              30' 210kn , 60' 380kn  
olive oil massage shall relax you entirely, effecting the creation of skin collagen as well.
Medical massage                              30' 260kn , 60' 390kn  
improves circulation, improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients and eliminates of harmful substances from metabolism and carbon dioxide from the blood.
"Horizont" (for 2 persons)                60' 720kn


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