Beauty Hide


Pedicure Spa                                             90'   310kn
Pedicure Spa with french polish           60'   210kn
Pedicure without polish                          45'    180kn
Nail polish                                                   15´     50kn
Foot massage                                            20'   100kn
Parafin foot                                                15'      60kn
Medical pedicure                                       60'   260kn
Reflex feet massage                                30'   200kn
Healing (problems)                                   30'      70kn
Ped - permanent polish                           60´    260kn
Permanent polish removing                   20'       50kn

Manicure Spa                                             90'   270kn
Manicure with polish                                60'   180kn
Manicure without polish                          40'    140kn
Nail polish                                                   15´      50kn
Parafin hands                                            15'       60kn
Healing, renewal                                        45'      80kn
Manicure with french polish                   75´    200kn
French polish                                              30'       70kn
Manicure - permanent polish                  60 '    240kn
Permanent polish - removing                  20 '      50kn
Aroma massage                                            45'   350kn
Aromaplazma                                                 90'   500kn
Hydrating treatment                                     60'    370kn
Aroma expert anti age treatment             90´   600kn
Absolute facial care for men                      60'   370kn
Anti age package (6 days)                                 2200kn
Eyelashes                                           50kn
Coloring eyebrows                            50kn
Coloring eyelashes                           50kn
Shaping eyebrows                             50kn
Beauty classic care                                            60'   300kn
Beauty relax care                                                90'   360kn
Intensive deep hydration                                   60'    350kn
Anti age care (collagen ampoules)                 60'   370kn
Aromatherapy of face                                         30'   280kn
Oxygentherapy                                                     60´   330kn

- polymoist mask nature                                            60'   360kn
- polymoist mask caviar extrakt                                60'   350kn
- polymoist maska green tee                                   60'    370kn
- peel off mask grapes                                               60'   360kn
- thermo mask model age                                         60'   330kn
- peel re-new AHA                                                       60´   300kn
- chamomile serum                                                    60´   360kn

Wellness facial care with champagne power                  80´   410kn
Luxury anti age care                               
- Golden care                                                             60'    500kn
- Deluxe golden care                                                90'    700kn
(with warm coating of bees wax)                                              
Wellness body masks
- Peel off drainage mask                                      60'   320kn
- Sea algae in sea mud                                          60'   290kn
- Chocomint mask                                                  60'    280kn
Winetherapy                                                             50'   360kn
Aromatherapy of body                                           60'   390kn
Anti stress massage                                             50'    260kn
Special anticellulite methods
- anticellulite procedure lipo - detox without massage                     60'   300kn
- anticellulite procedure lipo - detox with massage                           90'   410kn
Aroma blend "Slimming" /wrapping/                                   60'   450kn
Aroma blend "Firming" /wrapping/                                       60'   450kn
Aroma blend - legs or abdomen /wrapping/                       30'   200kn
Wrapping algae                                  30'   300kn
Peeling                                                  30'   250kn
Anticelulite massage                        30'   260kn
AC extra treatment                            45'   400kn
Lymphatic drainage                      30'   220kn
Ultrasound                                       20'   160kn
Dermosonic                                     50'   160kn
Corpo                                                 60'   180kn
Anti cellulite 6                                         3100kn
- 6 x bodywrap                       
- 6 x lymphdrainage
- 6 x ac massage
Anti cellulite 3                                        1600kn
- 3 x body wrap
- 3 x lymphdrainage
- 3 x ac massage                                    




Ø  You already checked our offered spa packages, and amoung them there is no your favorite treatment? You are interested in individual spa package created for your needs?

That should not be a problem, because our spa & wellness staff will help you with each individual offer and consultation that you need.

Ø  At a cost of 2.500,00 HRK, our therapist will put togehther a very effective treatment for cellulite removal to make your body make groomed.

This treatment includes appliance and hand techniques and will be created individually.




Feet - whole                                   140kn
Feet - knee-deep                            90kn
Arms                                                 80kn
Bikini                                                 80kn
Upperlip                                            40kn
Armpits                                             50kn



All items separately added in the treatment:

A - short hair

B - semi long hair

C - long hair       


Hair washing                                 

A, B                                                30kn

C                                                     60kn



A                                                    80kn

B                                                    90kn

C                                                   100kn


Hair cutting

A                                                    80kn

B                                                    90kn

C                                                  100kn

Man haircutting                           70kn

Hair trimer haircut                      60kn



A                                                      200kn

B                                                      220kn

C                                                      240kn

Dyeing roots                                  180kn



A                                                       250kn

B                                                       280kn

C                                                       350kn

Bonacure treatment                     50kn

Hairstraightening                          40kn


Special occasion hair style

- Classic                                      170kn

- Glamour                                    220kn

- Wedding                                   280kn

Trimming of bangs                     20kn

Dressing                                     160kn



Daytime / business make up                         40'   140kn

Evening / formal make up                               60'   220kn

Wedding make up                                            75'   250kn




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